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Product amount is completely a non-refundable amount. This is not any lottery or Get rich quick scam. The Product price charged to you is against the consultancy we provide you to set up this online business. So due to the tangible nature of the product we can not refund you the amount of this product.

All the logos, Trademark & concept present in our product are of there respective owners. We do not hold any liability on behalf of any one. We are just a consultancy firm.(Pvt.,Ltd.,)

Results may vary, as with any business opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in ANY business opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of income are made when signing up for  www.thecashagent.com.

All disputes subject to TamilNadu Jurisdiction.


Viewtoolbar is free for all. We are not charging for it. Your paying the consulting fee only. As a bonus we are giving you the Bonus products.

BONUS Product shown in the picture may be changeable at any time. It is available till it lost (Affiliate software)


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