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This is a short time offer... Today Rs.1500.00 [$37.50] only, Not Rs.1750.00. If you miss today, tomorrow it may be Rs.2000.00 [$50.00].
So, Don't get disappointed tomorrow by paying extra Rs.500.00

Payment Methods - We accept

Method : Online Payment

Credit Card:

  $50.00  $37.50 only

We are accepting - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Amex and
All major Credit Cards including eCheck, via Alertpay and Paypal.



$50.00  $37.50 only


Method : Offline Payment

Cash on Delivery [C.O.D.]

Value Payable Letter [V.P.L.]



Method : Bank Deposit



  Account Name    : P.Gunasekaran
Account Number : 00110 6350 9659
Account Bank      : State Bank Of India
Account Type      : Savings Bank Account [SBA]
Account Branch   : Erode Town Branch 7897
Amount To Deposit : Rs.1500.00

Ps : After your Bank Deposit payment, Please E-mail the details to us for instant access.

: Cash on Delivery (COD) & Value Payable Post (VPP) Service Also Available :

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